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Part 2


Meher Baba

I enjoy games, chiefly cricket, playing marbles, flying kites and also listening to music, although I can do so only on rare occasions. From time immemorial, I have been playing with the Mayavic universe and this enjoyment of playing still persists. I sometimes see motion pictures (mostly humorous ones), and enjoy my real state of being the eternal Producer of the vast, ever-changing, never-ending film called the universe. I also find relaxation in listening to humorous stories, all the time being aware of the humour that lies in the aspect of the soul, which is the source of infinite power and glory, being made to feel so helpless in its human bondage of ignorance arising from its various forms of duality.

I allow vegetarians to follow their diet and non-vegetarians to eat meat, fish, etc. However, those who stay with me have as a rule vegetarian diet according to my instructions, unless on occasion I instruct otherwise. Once in a great while I give wine to my lovers and make them understand that it is not this wine of grapes but the pure wine of love, giving divine intoxication, that helps towards union with God.

I do not interfere with any religion and permit all to follow unhindered their own creeds. When compared with love for God, external ceremonials have no value. Love for God automatically and naturally results in self-denial, mental control and ego-annihilation, irrespective of lovers' following or renouncing these external forms.

Once in a while I give, "darshan" and "prasad" of love to the people, each person benefitting according to his or her own receptivity. I give "updesh" (spiritual advice) in the form of instructions to those who are closely connected with me. Perfect Masters can impart divine knowledge, bestow divine love and shower the grace of God-union by a mere glance, touch or single divine thought.

From the beginningless beginning to the present day I Am What I Am, irrespective of praise or universal opposition, and will remain so to the endless end.


LIFE AT ITS BEST, pp. 67-68
1957 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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