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Eruch Jessawala

The lovers of Baba too believe that Baba is in their midst, although his physical presence is out of sight. He seems to have come into their hearts more forcefully than ever before. They feel his presence without seeing him, and I can quite believe that, because I too feel it the same way. I feel his presence without seeing him.

We, the Mandali, feel that there will come a day when the world will know about the Avatar of the age, about his silence, about the Word of all words, that will be released and felt by the world. We still believe that he will manifest to the world, so that the world can know that the much anticipated Avatar lived amongst them, suffered for them and dropped his body and left them.

Some came to know of him while he was still in the flesh, some came to know him when he rested in the Tomb giving darshan in silence, and the rest will come to know of him when he will manifest in their hearts.

And, I believe that the time for that manifestation will not be far, it must happen soon; and I would not at all be surprised if Baba were to appear in his body, at different places to his lovers, at one and the same time, or at different times, giving them his 'darshan.' This I will consider as his world-wide manifestation.


AVATAR MEHER BABA — The Awakener Of Hearts, pp. 29-30
1992 © Meher Baba Tamilnadu Centre, Madras


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