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Meher Baba

I wonder if you understand how fortunate you are to have Me with you in this way? Think of those people at this darshan on the 12th, who fought so to have a chance to touch My feet for just a fleeting second; who wanted so earnestly to receive prasad, which means "a gift of God."

They are the ones who really love Me. The others, the social people, the political people, the intellectual people, they make their speeches and they leave the platform.

In Andhra for fifteen days we had two or three darshan programs every day, with thousands of people coming from surrounding villages in bullock-carts and on foot. They would not understand your being here with Me this way. In India, they have traditions. As I told you before, yogis, saints and sadgurus are supposed to be sitting in silent meditation, with long beards. You could not make effective contact with them. Remember always that I am your Master, but that I am also your friend; that I am one with you, and one of you. Therefore you can be completely natural with Me, and tell Me frankly whatever is in your mind.

When I am with sadhus, no one is more serious than I am. When I am with children, I play marbles with them. I am in all, and one with all. That is why I can automatically adapt Myself to all kinds of people, and meet them where they are.

THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS, pp. 26-27, Charles Purdom & Malcolm Schloss
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