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Dr. H. P. Bharucha

He described himself as a terrible person, disregarding all moral and ethical codes even to the extent of spending a period in jail. His conduct alienated all his family and friends, and he was avoided like the plague by anyone who wanted to keep his own name clean.

As the years passed, he grew desperate in his misery, so much so that he finally resolved on suicide, and made all preparations.

Only a few hours before the time he had fixed for his suicide, a messenger came from Meher Baba saying that he, the man, was wanted at once at the place where Baba was staying. The message stirred his heart with affection for Meher Baba, but he lied to the messenger: I will come later.

But the messenger would not go, saying he had been given strict instructions to accompany him to Baba. So the man thought how nice it would be to see his friend before the end, that anyway he had time, and he went with the messenger.

As he neared the destination, Meher Baba came out and running towards him with open arms, embraced and kissed him regardless of the people all round them.

The man was deeply moved and when Meher Baba allowed him to go only after making him promise to return on the morrow, he went home, all thoughts of suicide forgotten.

In later years the man would say: Did I, who could not evoke love in my own mother, deserve such love? His love filled the emptiness of my heart and showed me that true happiness is in giving, in self-control and in the sacrifice of desires. The alchemy of his love transformed me.


IT SO HAPPENED, pp. 54-55, ed. William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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