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Minoo Kharas

Chanji faithfully kept up correspondence with Minoo and a letter written May 27, 1940 shows how Meher Baba looks after every detail in the lives of his lovers....

"Dear Minoo, Baba received your two long letters. There's no need to tell you how busy he is, seeing his group and visitors, and arranging things prior to his two month's seclusion. He has to attend to so many details of all who seek his advice and guidance, and there is not a small number of these, each having his or her own problems in life, and it was after days I had a chance to have his instructions re: various issues involved in the correspondence that has been left pending long since....

"Your arrival being postponed to August, after Baba's seclusion is over, should give you no cause of worry or even anxiety. Baba of course does know how you feel with these postponements and how necessary it is for you to see him, and knowing all, has given you this period. So where is the reason for anxiety? He will take care of things during this period as he has been during all these years.

"Re: your lady-friend's health, as has already been explained, you have to take the best advice medically as you could obtain and after having this best treatment, leave everything to him who knows best. Isn't that clear and easy! In spite of all our anxieties and true feelings one has for his dear ones he loves, one has to leave it all to providence in the ordinary course, but those fortunate souls who have a great Master who has undertaken all responsibilities — material as well as spiritual — have the least, rather nothing, to be anxious about, much less to worry.

With all the best efforts she and you put in for the best remedies available, with her great faith and love for Baba even though she has not personally seen him, the phenomenal changes and developments in her health have all some reasons, best known to him who knows all, and where our mind cannot reach.

"Hence all conclusions drawn with this medium of a limited mind for things beyond its grasp are futile. This is the reason why we do not understand many problems that baffle us: the one under consideration and discussion for instance.

"What is there left then for us to think about, or worry at all? Her silent submission to the Will of the Beloved cannot be too highly appreciated. Her faith and love have sustained her marvellously through all trials — physical and mental — and these will sustain her always. Nothing is unknown to Baba, and if in spite of that he allows things to take their natural course, which according to him is the best and easiest for all concerned, he must have and HAS his own reasons of our own good, which is always at his heart.

In short, whatever your feelings for your dear friend, DON'T WORRY. Take it as a real yoga — a penance as the yogis observe — and be glad that it is for her spiritual benefit and upliftment. Never compare and contrast things and incidents connected with Baba's group and working. The passing off of persons... so intimately connected with Baba has been for reasons best known to Baba.

"If we in our ignorance do not understand things beyond our intellect, it shouldn't scare us. We have innumerable instances of lives being literally saved from the jaws of death through Baba's blessings and Nazar, and almost everyone in Baba's mandali has one experience or the other of the kind which makes him fully realize that his life's very existence is entirely dependent on his Divine Will, to make whatever use he pleases of it.

In fact, this is the condition precedent to one's initiation of discipleship. And once we have placed our head of the lotus feet of the Beloved and surrendered ourselves — our very life at his disposal — we have no claim whatsoever on this physical frame. It is the Master who takes care of it in the light of the work that he wishes to take from it.

"So, dear Minoo, do not in the least be anxious about it. You understand these things, hence I write all this to you in good faith that you will take it in the proper spirit and be benefited. It is one thing we tell everything frankly to Baba as his dear children, which is our duty and which Baba would even like, but having thus given a vent to our feelings, we shouldn't worry or doubt or begin to question as to the why and wherefore of things. That is all I wish to convey...."

"With love and blessings from dear Baba for you both dear ones, Chanji."


THE GOD-SEEKER, pp 96-98
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