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David Fenster

Mehera's birthday was celebrated on 23 December (1961), and Christmas two days later. "Christ lived for love and died for love," Baba commented. "He was Love Personified."

Ruth Ringer, of New York, had sent Mehera a greeting card with a picture of Jesus in a white robe beside Mary Magdalene. That evening, Mehera remembered to show it to Baba. Baba took the card from her. Looking at it, he observed, "How beautiful Jesus was." And he declared, "I was Jesus."

Mehera said, "This was the first time I heard Baba say, 'I was Jesus'. He kissed the photo so sweetly." Baba told Mehera to have the card framed, and it was hung opposite Baba's bed.

Mehera remembered one other time when Baba declared that he was Christ. It happened one night in his bedroom at Meherazad, as he was wishing them goodnight. Baba made the sign for churches by crossing two fingers and pointing skyward, like a steeple. Very seriously, He said, "All prayers that are said in every church throughout the world, those prayers said with all heart, come to me, because I was Christ."

"I and Jesus are one and the same."


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 3, p. 257
2003 © David Fenster


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