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Meher Baba, as dictated to Bhau Kalchuri


Paramatma (God—the Oversoul), the Infinite Consciousness =
Soul in the Beyond (Ahm Brahmasmi).

INFINITE MIND with Real Infinite Thinking =
Atma, individual Soul =
Shiva (Ahm Brahmasmi and Sahaj Samadhi).

INFINITE MIND with false infinite thinking =
Jeeva, Individual soul embodied as man (Jeevatma).

Man has three bodies:
MANSIK SHARIR is the mental body (mind thinking).
ADHYATMIC SHARIR is the subtle body (energy active).
BHAUTIC SHARIR is the gross body (physical form).

When the INFINITE ONE does not think, He is
in the state of the Beyond-Beyond—Paratpar Parabrahma.

When the INFINITE ONE does not think of the Universe
but only of Himself as God, the Infinite Consciousness,
He is in the state of the Beyond—Paramatma.

When the INFINITE MIND'S thinking is Real,
that is, He thinks of Himself as Real (Ahm Brahmasmi)
and thinks of His Shadow, the Universe, as illusory
He is in the state of Shiva—Sahaj Samadhi.

When the INFINITE MIND'S thinking is false,
man is in the state of Jeeva (in bondage).

As long as the Jeeva (the individual man)
is in the state of false thinking
it is bound by its gross, subtle, and mental bodies.

According to the type of sanskaras of its imagination
the Jeeva assumes another human body (reincarnates)
after the dropping of the previous body (death).

When the sanskaras that form these bodies
and make these bodies function are annihilated (in Nirvan),
instantaneously the Jeeva stops experiencing the three worlds
through the three bodies.

The individual mind does not again contact imaginary sanskaras,
as false thinking comes to its end in the Divine Vacuum.

When the individual mind's false thinking ends,
the medium of function (the sanskaric connection)
between the mental, subtle, and gross bodies is finished;
then Jeeva realizes God, the Infinite Consciousness.

If the individual man remains embodied after Realization,
he enters the state of Shiva, personifying the INFINITE MIND.

Shiva knows there is neither birth nor death,
neither happiness nor misery nor anything limiting.

Shiva eternally is God, and His knowing this is Knowledge.


THE NOTHING AND THE EVERYTHING, pp. 183-184, Bhau Kalchuri
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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