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Mani Irani

[Baba's] seclusion had a significant break from routine on the 19th [of May, 1956]. First, was Sant Kirpal Singh's coming to see Baba. He has the true humility of the great and expressed the unclouded happiness of a child in being with Baba and could not embrace Him enough. Eruch told Goher that, every time Baba stood up for something, Kirpal Singh would stand up, too, till Baba, with a loving pat, would ask him to sit down. A woman devotee, who accompanied the sant, had a movie camera and took several shots of Baba, and of Baba and Kirpal Singh together.

On getting into the car after a very happy half-hour, the sant realized they had forgotten to give Baba the basket of mangoes brought as offering, and returned saying it was a good excuse to see Baba again. When the mangoes were given, he turned to the woman disciple, saying, "See how coming into this new world we forget everything else!" They had another happy excuse yet to return on discovering a box of sweets was not yet presented.

But, to go back to Kirpal Singh. When a devotee of Baba went to see him in Delhi to present a copy of God Speaks, Kirpal Singh was most happy to see him and received him first out of a dozen others waiting for a meeting, although this was the devotee's first visit to him. The sant talked about Baba, told of his previous meeting when Baba gave mass darshan in Delhi (he had offered his grounds and place for the darshan gathering, but Baba chose another place) and how, when he tried to get in to see Baba, some people impeded his entrance at that moment. Then Baba sighted him from a distance, sent a message to have him come in and went a little way to hold him by the hand and bring him to His gadi (seat). Kirpal Singh sat beside Baba on the ground by the gadi and was extremely happy. He told the people Baba is the Maha Purusha (the Great One).

The sant told the devotee he had read God Speaks that one of Baba's numerous followers in America had given him and declined a second copy, saying it was a very precious book and would be useful for another to read it also. He professed a desire to see Baba again as he was coming to Poona for a visit. The devotee told him that Baba was in seclusion. The sant smiled and said, "He is always in seclusion, but nothing will come in the way when He wants to see someone. See how He brought me in that day at Delhi!" He was right, for Baba sent word with Eruch that He would see him on the 18th.


A LOVE SO AMAZING, pp. 113-115, Bili Eaton
Copyright 1984 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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