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One of Baba's ways of answering people's questions was to put counter questions to them. This was to awaken in them a quality of open inquiry so they could find the right answers for themselves, depending on the seriousness with which they sought solutions.

To some who requested Baba to enlighten them on love for God, Baba stated:

How to love God. How do you love anyone? If a man really falls in love with a beautiful girl, what happens then? No system of principle exists for him. He won't mind being ridiculed; even if people call him mad, he does not mind.

Likewise, one should become lost in longing for "possessing" God, the Beloved. When you are determined in your heart of hearts to gain union with God at the cost of life and the ridicule of the whole world, then perhaps you may be said to have entered the Lane of the Divine Beloved.

Addressing another group on the same subject, Baba continued:

We have to love God silently and honestly even in our everyday life. Whilst eating, drinking, talking, and doing all our duties, we can still love God continuously without letting anyone know.

When God is found, you have no idea what infinite bliss and peace is experienced. I give you My love so that some day you can love God as He ought to be loved.

With reference to those who are intoxicated with their love for God (the masts), Baba explained:

Lovers of God are called Mard-e-Khuda (mast of the 5th plane). When one loves God, the only longing is for union with Him. "I want to see You, my Beloved," is the constant cry of this mad lover. Circumstances do not affect him; people call him mad and may make him suffer untold hardships, but his life's only desire is to see God.

Baba concluded that if householders, while discharging their responsibilities are wholeheartedly remembering God, they are then as great as Mard-e-Khuda. Although such householders do everything (worldly duties), they do nothing. Those who are bound to God are not bound by anything else.

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 4, pp. 40-42, Bal Natu
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