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Meher Baba

Every one of you, man or woman, of any caste, creed, or colour, has an equal right to attain Divinity. It has been possible for man to become God through love of God. External renunciation is not at all necessary. Each and all, man or woman, whilst attending to all duties in the everyday walk of life, can attain to Divine Fatherhood and Universal Motherhood through honest love for God.

To express your love for God, you must live a life of love, honesty and self-sacrifice. Merely to chant the Arti, to perform Puja, to offer flowers, fruits and sweets and to bow down, can never mean that you love God as He aught to be loved.

Similarly, merely giving darshan to masses, having crowds flocking around, delivering messages to multitudes, and performing so-called miracles may be conventionally accepted attributes of a Divine Personage in your midst, but I say with Divine Honesty that all this is not necessarily a sign of true Divinity.

God is not to be lured, but is to be loved. God is not to be preached, but to be lived. Only those who live the life of love, honesty and self-sacrifice, can know me as the Ancient One.

I can say with Divine Authority that I experience eternally, consciously and continually, being One with you all, and One in you all. Any worship or obedience to any deity — animate or inanimate — to any saint, master, advanced soul, or yogi, eventually comes to me. By offering pure unadulterated love to anyone and to anything you will be loving me, as I am in every one and in everything, and also beyond everything.

I want you all to know that whatever you do, good or bad, the one thing not forgiven by God is to pose as that which you really are not.

With Divine Authority I repeat that we are all One. Being rich or poor, literate or illiterate, or high caste or low caste, need not interfere with your loving God — the Supreme Beloved.

I give you all my blessings for the understanding that loving God, in any form, in any way, will make you eternally FREE.


PATH OF LOVE, pp. 19-20
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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