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Prof. Amiya K. Hazra

The darshan period was for about a fortnight for me and mother; at last the day of parting arrived. It was morning time. Mother and myself were getting ready to leave. Suddenly, I thought of first paying a short visit to Baba for a farewell glimpse and then go to the station. We sat in a three-wheeler, mother said in Bengali with a sigh of longing. "I wanted to have a ride in Baba's own car!" I was surprised beyond measure.

"What are you dreaming of, mamma? This is a child-like expectation on your part. Who can travel by Baba's car. It is meant for Him and a few of His Mandali. So, give up the idea." Perhaps my tone was gruff and I saw a shade of humiliation come over mother's face. But she said nothing. Truly, Baba's car was meant for Baba — The Godman — and not for such ordinary being like us. So she kept quiet and we reached Guruprasad Palace by the three-wheeler. Inside the gate, with it nose towards the road, stood Baba's car. It meant that Baba was in the hall and we could have His parting glimpse. As we went ahead towards the porch, a man from the Mandali came up to us. "Amiya, where are you going?"

"Why, for Baba's Darshan, before we leave Poona. Is it not possible? Will He not give His darshan?" The gentleman nodded his head and said, "Well, Amiya, Baba has left for a home-visit a few minutes back. So you can't see Him." Mother and I looked very much disappointed. Then I looked at the car and could not help asking — "But Baba's car is here."

"Yes. He has gone by another car. And He had instructed me to tell you that He has left His car for your mother and yourself to go to the Poona railway station. So please go in it or you would be missing your train." As we got in the Godman's car, a sweet fragrance greeted us. The driver started the car and we were off for the railway station.

I looked at my mother. She looked back proudly and said, "You talked as if you were not my child but my father. But see, how Baba, the (Antaryami) Omniscient One has fulfilled my desire to travel by His car. So remain a child that you are, O.K.?"

Well, she was right and I was wrong. As the car sped towards the station I could not help wondering again about Baba's Omniscience and Love for us. How fortunate were we indeed to be loved and taken care of by One who knew the slightest wish and thought that sparked in any mind in the world!

1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Navsari Centre


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