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Meher Baba

Maya, the Master-illusionist who produces seemingly existent worlds out of Nothing, will perform its master trick of making everything including my health, energy, words and promises apparently go against me; and my lovers' faith and trust in me will be tested to their full extent. But Maya is powerless to go against my Work — for Maya itself is the means by which I bring about the results of my Work.

Being the instrument for the fulfilment of my Work, Maya, in fact, actually does its utmost to bring about the utmost results of this Work. Maya is the infinite shadow of God's infinity, and so, having no existence except in non-existence, must naturally give way to the one and only Reality which is God. And then God manifests in His glory.

When the sun appears over the horizon the shadow projected by an object is much bigger than the object, but when the sun is directly overhead the shadow is under the feet as it were of the object.

In my present phase of helplessness and humiliation, the Sun of Truth's rays appear faint and feeble and the Shadow of Maya large. But when that Sun will be at its zenith the Shadow that was cast ahead of Man, and which dominated his vision and thought will disappear. This will be the victory over Maya when ignorance will be effaced in the glory of God's manifestation through me.

Keep your faces turned towards the Sun and your shadow of individualized Maya will lie behind you and, though still existent, will have no power over you. But if you turn your backs to the Sun your shadows will be before you and you will be following them. Although of yourselves you cannot get rid of your shadows, if you turn your backs on them and keep facing the Sun, at the time of His full ascendance and glory your shadows will disappear forever.


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