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Cynthia Barrientos

My first experience with Meher Baba was in autumn 1993. A photo of Baba hung by my friend's door. When I asked who He was, the response was simple — something about His being a spiritual man who lived in India and worked to awaken love in people's hearts. Within a few weeks, I met this "man" in a dream:

My husband and I were standing in a living room looking out the window, waiting for our friend, Teresa, to bring Baba to us. With a childlike air of anticipation, playfulness, and excitement we bounced about, waiting and watching for their arrival.

"Baba is coming to OUR house to see US!" I said breathlessly. We spotted two figures strolling up the street — Baba in front — with Teresa a few steps behind. First I noticed how Teresa walked. Her hands were deep in her pockets and she was casually moving along with a look of great pleasure about sharing this very special friend.

Baba's stride was a quick, flowing, gliding motion without much bounce. He was wearing loose-fitting white cotton clothes with a long, lightweight robe. He had a full beard. His dark, curly hair settled just below His shoulders.

As our guests entered the house, I moved quickly toward Baba and extended my hand with the intention of giving a firm handshake. Quickly, though gently, He drew back. Embarrassed and puzzled, I asked Teresa, "How do I greet Baba?"

She turned to Meher Baba and said, "Show her your LOVE." Carefully He placed His palms together as if in prayer, looking into my eyes. Instantly, I knew how to greet Baba!

I moved closer, noticing He was a bit taller than me. He seemed not to be touching the floor. Gently curling my hands around His, I felt an indescribable sensation the moment our hands connected. My surroundings disappeared and I felt God. I longed to hold on forever.

I was so absorbed in this union, I forgot my husband. He was there to meet Baba, too. Now the dream became quite playful. I turned, motioned quickly for him and giggled, "Get a load of this, Rich! Come here! Check this out!" He too, placed his hands around Baba's, making the same connection. Rich grinned as he glanced my way.

Wishing to offer Baba something to eat, I went to the refrigerator and found a small cup of strawberry soy yogurt. He sat in an overstuffed chair covered with a brown and white woven throw. As I offered Him the treat, His face lit up. With bright twinkling eyes and a huge grin, He settled back, spooning the yogurt into His mouth, making hand gestures expressing His delight.

When I woke up, I immediately called Teresa. She knew how special these visits from Baba are, so she suggested I come over and share the dream with her.

As I described every detail, she listened and smiled while soft tears of joy filled her eyes. She brought out many books about Baba and showed me what He looked like in His early years.

I recognized the same chair on the cover of The Ancient One. I also learned that Baba was silent for His last 44 years, communicating with unique hand gestures. She described how people would often bring food to Baba as they received His love offering. Many darshan photos captured the way He'd place His palms together and nod gently.

When I eventually saw a film of Baba, I enjoyed watching the familiar, graceful, fluid movement of His walk. In time I learned the Prayer for Baba's Lovers, deeply understanding the longing to hold fast to Baba's daaman.

Now I keep photos of Meher Baba close at hand, to share His radiant face and comforting name with others. Just a few weeks ago I received an early morning call from a friend. "Guess what, Cynthia? I dreamed about Meher Baba last night.... "

Oh, Baba. I LOVE You!


THE HEART CHRONICLES, Compiled by Terri Zee, pp. 24-25
2000 © Love Street Press


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