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In the 1970's Meherwan Jessawala became extremely ill. It appeared at first like influenza with fever, but even with antibiotics the fever would not subside. He began to have great difficulty walking and moving, and then, while sitting down, he called out to Roshan, 'I am becoming numb in the feet — and now it is rising! It is coming up!' She quickly called Gaimai to be with him, and ran for a doctor. This doctor in turn called for a neuro-physician who immediately directed he be urgently taken to hospital. With great difficulty they took him to the hospital.

Baba had ordered that no woman except Gaimai should touch him, yet his condition was most serious, so it was decided that Roshan, who had had some nursing experience, should be his nurse. Eruch, his brother, came from Ahmednagar, and relieved Roshan during the day and helped in massaging his limbs. His condition could be described as almost a complete paralysis of the nerves. Roshan would spend all night rubbing his body with almond oil, and Meherwan would direct her to rub various parts that were troubling him more than others.

After a time Meherwan began to have difficulty in breathing, and he was moved into intensive care. His condition grew even more serious, and then one night at a critical point Roshan saw Baba standing with His hand on Meherwan's bed, and He was looking towards him. Roshan said to him, 'You just don't worry — Baba is at the head of your bed and He will not let you go,' and she called the doctor and physiotherapist, and they gave him oxygen and massage. For three nights during that most critical time Baba stood by his bed. Then gradually and steadily his condition improved and after eight weeks he moved back to Bindra House, although he was still like a baby, not even able to hold a spoon.

One night while Meherwan was still very ill, Roshan had an experience in which she saw Baba gesturing for her to hold one side of Meherwan, and with Him holding the other, Meherwan was made to stand up. As in a dream, the three of them were in Meherabad, and they were standing at the road that leads to the Samadhi. Baba gestured and they began to walk with Baba and Roshan supporting Meherwan with their arms around his waist, and his hands on their shoulders.

When they reached the Samadhi, Baba helped Meherwan to bow down to the Samadhi, and then Baba disappeared, and Roshan was left with all the weight of Meherwan on her. But Meherwan said, 'Don't worry, Roshan, I can get up now.' After that night, Meherwan took a definite turn in his health, and became normal much more quickly than the doctors had predicted.


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