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Jean Adriel

Harry Barnhart had, from childhood, possessed the faculty of accurately reading people's minds. To meet a Master and read his mind would no doubt be a unique experience. So it proved to be! To our friend's amazement he could read nothing, intensely though he tried. He had the peculiar sensation that Baba's mind was an absolute blank; there seemed to be nothing there to read.

"Yet all through the interview," he explained to us later, "I knew that Baba was reading my every thought and feeling!" When, that evening, we spoke to Baba about this, his answer was: "I have no mind, in the customary sense of the word — only a Universal Mind; which, to read, requires a Universal Mind."

When Chanji (Baba's secretary) heard of this experience he told us of the Indian lawyer who had come with a number of questions which he wished Baba to answer. Glancing at the secretary who had taken him to Baba's presence, the lawyer pleaded that his questions were of very personal nature and requested that he might be allowed to ask them privately. So Baba told him to sit at the far end of the room and write them down on a slate.

Then Baba requested another slate. When the man had finished his list of questions and took his slate over to the Master, Baba in turn handed him his own slate. A look of amazement spread over the lawyer's countenance as he looked at the blackboard. White against it were the answers to all his questions, in the order in which he had written them down; Baba had recorded his answers at the same time as the man was engrossed in writing out his questions.

AVATAR, p. 27
1947 © Jean Adriel


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