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Malcolm Schloss

From the moment Shri Meher Baba set foot in the house at Harmon [New York, on November 6, 1931 at 5:30 pm], there continuously flowed from him a love which can only be called divine, which spread through us and everyone he contacted like a beautiful contagion. We who lived with him began to understand as we had never understood before what the love-feasts of the early Christians must have been like. Time and again we were reminded through the incidents of our lives of the relationship between Jesus and his apostles, between Krishna and the gopis, and of various events in the Mahabharata, all of which seemed re-enacted in a modern setting.

A deeper love than we had ever known was kindled in our hearts. A greater bliss than we had ever experienced dissolved the limitations of the personal self and led us out unto universal consciousness. Our habits of thought and emotion and action which we had struggled to eliminate for years disappeared without effort overnight. We became aware through the circumstances arising in our daily lives of both our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses; and in some strange way, we were given the power to use the strengths to overcome the weaknesses. In Meher Baba himself, we witnessed constantly the manifestation of perfection in every area of life.

Here, again incarnate, we began to realize, was a being such as Jesus, such as Krishna, whose very presence overwhelmed the soul with a love beyond our comprehension and grasp, whose coming unto the world at present was again as it was in the time of Jesus and of Krishna for the purpose of ushering in a new consciousness, and through that consciousness would manifest a new order of being.


LORD MEHER, 1st US ed, vol. 4, p. 1499, Bhau Kalchuri
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