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Najoo Kotwal

Father said, "Baba, everything in Bombay has been disposed of." And, taking an envelope from his coat pocket, he added, "Here, Baba, is the money packet."

Beloved Baba opened the pocket of His pink coat and Father put the envelope in, since Baba never touched money except when giving it to the poor or to masts. Mummy then asked Father to open her trunk, which he did. He took out the box containing her inherited jewelry and handed it to her. Mummy took it to Baba and said, "Baba, this was mine and now it is all Yours. I beseech You to look after my children and me."

Beloved Baba took the box in His hands and sat down. His searching eyes fell on Hilloo and me, and He gestured, "Is there anything else?"

Mummy said, "No, Baba." But just as she spoke, she saw in Hilloo's and my ears our little gold swastika earrings. (In India the swastika is an ancient symbol of good luck.) Hillo's were plain gold and mine had small rubies in the centers. Mummy then said to us, "Both of you take out your earrings and offer them to Baba, as your gift."

I very cheerfully did as I was told, proud and happy that I could give something of my own to Baba. Hilloo, being so young, was a little reluctant, but she knew she had to obey Mummy. The moment we offered Baba our earrings, His smile grew so radiant that my heart missed a beat. He embraced me and Hilloo gently and warmly, with great love, as if to say, "from this moment on, I am your Daddy."

And this is when I began to think of Him as my Big Daddy. How wonderful that the God-Man can play such different roles for different individuals. He was God-Man to Father, and Mother to Mummy, but He would always be Big Daddy to Hilloo, Adi and me.

At that time Baba was using an alphabet board, which Father, having gone to see Him many times, could read — particularly since Baba pointed to the letters very slowly so that Father could understand what He was saying. But Baba also used gestures that even Mummy and I could understand. He lovingly told Father, with gestures, "From today, until the very end, I shall see to their littlest needs." He pointed to Mummy, the three of us children, and Banufui. Then, pointing to Father, Baba said, "To you I will give the Ocean."


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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