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Minoo Kharas

Today Baba said, "People talk and act in an unsubstantial way, whereas my work is solid. It is because their work is not on firm footing that they criticize mine."

In the evening, while on the staircase, he called for Vishnu, and I interpreted it and ran to call him. Baba was pleased that I understood his gesture. Later, at night, he was keenly watching "Mastan" running up and down in a good mood when suddenly the lights went off.

[Mastan was the first mast (God-intoxicated person) to stay at Meherabad and had been kept there by Baba since 1925. One day while observing Mastan, Baba remarked, "Here is a soul at peace. I am so happy when I look at him. He is not the least trouble to me. Although he appears to be outwardly unconscious of the world, in reality, he is superconscious. He is aloof from and has nothing to do with the world, remaining always intoxicated in love for God."]


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