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Eruch told me to come to Mandali Hall and to bring my knapsack. I asked him why. "I want to show Baba how little you brought with you," he said. When Indians travel, they carry giant bedding rolls, an enormous amount of stuff needing several porters, and I had this one little bag....

Eruch led me in to sit down directly opposite Baba's chair, which was covered with dark blue cloth. All the mandali were sitting in their usual places along the walls. At that time, everyone sat on the floor. There was only straw matting then, none of those nice carpets and cushions that are there now for our soft behinds.

The doors to the garden were open. Suddenly, there was Baba, wearing a white sadhra, with His hand on Francis's elbow. Baba's exercise was to walk the length of the hall two or three times before sitting down. As soon as I saw Baba, I immediately stood up and Baba waved to me from the end of the hall to sit down. I sat, and Baba walked back and forth.

I noticed, as He did this, a wonderful intimacy and love play between the Beloved and His most devoted of lovers. I remember, as he went by, He would give a pat or two on the shoulder. Baidul had a beard at the time, and Baba gave his beard a little tug. This kind of intimacy — a pat on the cheek — it was so sweet.

Then Baba sat down in the chair that all of us who have been there are so familiar with. Eruch was seated between Baba and me, but a little bit off to the side so that he could read Baba's gestures and translate them for me into English. Baba looked at me and made a gesture that Eruch didn't have to translate.

I got up and stood over Baba's chair to His left and bent down and embraced Him on one side and then the other, with kisses — as He did me — and then He pointed for me to bow down to His feet. I had heard from other people that sometimes Baba permitted this, and other times He didn't. There was no way of knowing when or to whom. But when He pointed, I didn't hesitate for a second.

I will never forget that moment.


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