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Meher Baba

The divine love knows no law. It is above all rules and regulations, above dogmas and rituals. Nothing can bind it and can set bounds to it. It is fire, an infinite fire, in itself, and those who burn in it become purified. The tortures of the separation from, and longing for, the union with the beloved sooner or later blaze up, and thereby wipe out all sanskaras, good as well as bad, of the divine lover. It is for this reason that one who is endowed with divine love, which, be it remembered, is a God-sent grace, or a gift from a Sadguru, becomes restless. The trinkets of the world cannot tempt a true divine lover.

A worldly-minded man can have no idea of the spiritual agonies of the divine lover. Imagine a man lying on the sands of the Sahara in scorching sun and longing for water to moisten his parched-up lips and slake his thirst. If you can properly imagine the depth of his longing for just a drop of water when he is on the point of breathing his last owing to thirst, you will get a faint idea of the longing of the divine lover for the unification with the Almighty. Bear it in mind that only the divine love can bring about the annihilation of the consciousness of the separate self which gives self-realization.

It goes without saying that the divine love is the only true aspect of love. The other aspects of love may be said to be more or less inverse. They must be done away with if one desires to be possessed of the divine love. In other words, the renunciation of desires is a condition precedent to the gift of divine love.

Love as love, considered absolutely, is passive, but in its divine aspect it is fully active. Angels have love but not in its divine aspect and so they cannot realize Paramatman.

Rightly it has been said "Qood sinyar a isha hasto dard neest," (Angels have love but no pain or restlessness of the divine love).

Just a word about the two sub-branches of the divine love, the primal and the final. The primal is the beginning and the final is the endless end of the divine love. The one is the spark and the other is the flame. The course of the river of love is long, but the goal can surely be reached.


MEHER BABA ON LOVE, ed. K. K. Ramakrishnan, pp. 23-25
1978 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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