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Najoo Kotwal

While they were traveling along the route to Quetta, various people warned the mandali that the road between Rakhmi and Loralai was very dangerous due to dacoits hiding in the mountains, waiting to attack travelers and rob them of all their belongings. For this reason the mandali hired military escorts at Rakhmi.

Beloved Baba, the all-knowing, surprised everyone by selecting a boy to accompany them as well. Only later did everyone find out that the boy was the son of the great dacoit of that area, and because of him nobody even tried to attack them. On the last night before reaching Quetta, Baba and the group stayed in Jallander.

Because they arrived at midnight, Baba instructed the women not to take their bedding from the roof of the Blue Bus, but to sleep on newspapers spread on the floor. It was freezing cold that night and because Adi was still in poor health, Mummy wrapped him up in her woolen coat.

Taking Baba's sweet name, she lay down on the newspaper covering the floor and fell fast asleep with just a cardigan sweater covering her. Mummy said that because Baba — her Sustainer on these long trips through India, Ceylon and what is now Pakistan — had His nazar on her, she did not even catch a chill that night.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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