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Bal Natu

At Warangal the following incident which is worth recording took place. Baba usually sent His men to see the masts before He contacted them. In accordance with Baba's instructions, Baidul approached a mast named Brahmachari, the celibate. The mast was in a jalali mood and cried out, "Don't put your foot inside my boundary!" Baidul had to yield.

Then Baba sent Kaka with a message, "We just want to meet you, that's all." To this the mast replied angrily, "Can't you find any other man on whom He can throw the burden? I neither give anything to anyone nor take anything from anyone."

So, Kaka too, had to return unsuccessful. But Baba instructed Kaka to visit the mast again and to lecture him on being cooperative. The mast listened to Kaka for some time, went into a rage and blurted out in an imperative tone, "Leave this place at once!" Kaka had to retreat.

Baba had told the mandali not to be harsh with the masts, and He never contacted any mast against his will. Most of them were very responsive in sharing the spiritual work, while some vigorously repulsed any overtures. Baba, however treated all masts as His dear children. Is not a good mast God playing a child?


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol 1, pp. 100-101
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