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Adi K. Irani

Love is not very difficult to understand. It is so deeply ingrained in us that we hardly try to become conscious of it. Love for our mothers, children, wives or friends is as easy to feel as the very breath of our lives. But there is many a slip between the cup of love and the lip of the lover. All sorts of self-distinctions of birth, position, riches, talents and religion obstruct the free flow of love from man to man.

It is difficult for those unassociated with Meher Baba to grasp the language of the heart which Meher Baba speaks. It is more difficult for them to understand the height of Baba's spiritual status from where His utterances flow. As a result, His utterances go over their heads or are considered to be of little consequence.

I shall give you an instance. There was a surgeon, an expert in his field. He worked with a fervor and feeling that silenced many a vociferous and inquiring man and woman going to him as a patient, or as a friend or as a relative interested in a patient. The surgeon was known for talking less and working more. Those who knew him well preferred his talking less, had faith in him and relied on his work. Those who were newcomers pestered him with questions, but he knew that technical answers, if given, would go over their heads.

The silence of Avatar Meher Baba has been an integral part of His life for the benefit of humanity. It is based on the Truth with which He is One; all His pronouncements proceed from the Truth. Time, space and events live in what the human mind conceives in ignorance.

Compared to Reality, these things have no independent existence and have only one significance: time, space and events comprise the enormous suffering Avatar Meher Baba bears upon Himself in order to relieve humanity from its bondage. May His will prevail.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 104-105
1985 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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