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Mehera J. Irani

Dear Elizabeth, your mentioning about Baba's Presence being felt in more than one place reminds me of an incident during the time of Lord Krishna. Naradmuni, Krishna's close disciple (His right hand) was of a very jovial temperament. Narad once asked Krishna, that since He (Krishna) had so many gopies, could not he (Narad) claim one of them. Krishna assented and told Narad to go and make his choice.

Whereupon Narad went to a gopi's house; there he found Krishna eating and the gopi serving Him food. To the next house he went, Narad saw Krishna reclining at His ease in conversation with the gopi. In another gopi's house he found Krishna being served milk, and in yet a fourth, he saw Krishna helping the gopi churn the butter. Narad made the round of all the gopies' houses and there was not one house in which Krishna was not present.

At last Narad gave up and returned to Krishna convinced, saying: "Every gopi belongs to you, Krishna, for you fill their hearts and thoughts; you are ever-present in their homes." And this applies to Baba and His lovers.


LETTERS OF LOVE, pp. 338-339, Jane Barry Haynes
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