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Meher Baba

In Reality there is only One. In Illusion there are many. The reason why there is so much confusion as to whether there is one God or many is because God is so Infinitely One.

Even to say, There is one God is wrong. God is so infinitely One that He cannot even be called One. One may only say, One IS. The word "God" is only an attempt to give that One a name, for in actuality He has no name. Even to say that God is One implies the possibility of two. For one to say there are many Gods is madness.

God is that "One" playing innumerable roles. For example, one of you is sitting with his eyes closed and in his imagination he creates innumerable things, and in the very act of imagining them he preserves them. Then he opens his eyes, and in so doing destroys all the things his imagination had created and held together. Thus the same person played different roles, that of creator, sustainer and dissolver.

Again, another is in sound sleep — which is the Original State of God — people say he is asleep; but in sound sleep he is not even conscious of himself as himself. When he wakes up people say, he is awake, and when he brushes his teeth, people say, he is brushing his teeth. And when he is seen walking, running about, speaking, singing, etc., he is merely playing different roles. He cannot be more than one, for he is only one.

All that we can ever say is: God is, or, One is.

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