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James H. McGrew

Most historians believe that Jesus died on the cross. The Muslim tradition, however, teaches that Jesus did not die on the cross and died in India years after the crucifixion. The Muslim tradition was correct. Baba clarifies that Jesus did not die on the cross and in fact did travel to India after the crucifixion and is now buried there:

"There is one secret about Jesus which the Christians do not know. When Jesus was crucified, he did not die; he entered the state of Nirvikalp Samadhi (the "I Am God" state without bodily consciousness). On the third day, he again became conscious of his body and he traveled secretly in disguise eastward (with some apostles) to India. This was called Jesus' resurrection.

"After reaching India, he traveled farther east to Rangoon in Burma where he remained for some time. He then went north to Kashmir where he settled. When his work was finished on earth, he dropped his body and entered Nirvikalp Samadhi permanently.

"Saints in India have verified these facts about Jesus' travels. Mankind will soon become aware of the true life about Jesus."

In 1933, Baba showed some Western disciples a hill in Harvan, Northeast of Srinagar in Kashmir State, India and told them: "There is the place where two of Christ's apostles, Bartholomew and Thaddeus, buried his body; they had accompanied him from Palestine." Baba had previously stayed in seclusion and fasted on that very hill.

Bhau Kalchuri notes:

"Whenever Meher Baba returned to Srinagar, for his own reasons, he went to the Harvan mountain village near the area where Jesus's body was buried in a cave nearly twenty centuries ago. Baba did not actually show the cave to his men and women mandali, because after viewing the area one observes that the cave was probably covered over by avalanches and the natural growth of the mountain terrain. This may be a controversial point of contention about Christian historians; nonetheless, it is legendary in India and Tibet."

AVATARIC ADVENTS, 2nd ed, pp. 142-143
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