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Meher Baba

[In an interview in London on 3 or 4 August, 1952:]

What else is life meant for but to love God and become one with Him? God is the Only Reality; we have to go on and on until we arrive at a stage, when we must love God, because we know all life leads to Him.

When one loves God, one is eternally young, because God is eternally young, infinite, and everlasting, and to love Him and know Him as He is is the goal of life. To love God, to feel God, to know God, to be one with God, is the only thing that matters in life.

Let Me tell you this fact. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to be disheartened about. We are all, each of us, meant to be happy. Our life is by God's Grace, and happiness is that which makes us feel that we are one with God. Know that all else is illusion.

I am really happy to see you today, and God, Who is within us all, is to be experienced as Infinite Happiness, and that can be done only through love for Him.

Look for God. God loves those who seek Him, and when we seek Him with all our hearts, we find Him in ourselves. Baba give you His love, that love which will eventually help you to find God.

To find the Truth, one has to depend not only upon analysis and intellect, but on the heart. Intellectual understanding is not so important as experience through the heart. God is the only Reality, and He cannot be analysed. Reason cannot reach Him. When one finds Him through Love, one finds Him in everyone. We must seek God in everyday life. The goal of life is to know God, the Infinite One, in everyday life. My love will help you to love God as He ought to be loved.

Do your work selflessly, and you will be doing it for God — God will have you very dear to Him if you serve your pupils, knowing that God is within them, as within you. I will help you with My love, so that you can do this perfectly.

Don't worry. My love will give you that strength and conviction which makes you feel that you belong to God. Seek Truth with all your heart and Baba will help, because God alone is real. I am in the world to help people to love God, to find Him, and to see Him.

I have been repeatedly telling people for ages that only love can bring us near to God. God, Who is within us, can be realised only through love, and I give you both My love. I am very happy with your understanding it, and Baba gives you His love.

Truth, when it comes, comes in a flash within. When knowledge comes, one knows everything, but Truth and its Knowledge are not found unless one seeks with all one's heart, and when one feels that one cannot live without it, then one finds it within the self. I give you My love, and this love will help you find the Truth.

THE TURNING OF THE KEY, pp. 387-389, Bill Le Page
1993 © Bill Le Page


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