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Arnavaz Dadachanji

Baba often said that His slightest movement had meaning and pertained to His work. Despite this fact, He wanted everyone to accept His movements and activities as natural and normal. People often wasted time trying to attribute meanings to His actions.

Once when Baba was walking up and down the front verandah of Guruprasad, He smiled at us, saying, "I am only digesting My food, although some people must be thinking that I am doing My work."

Baba wanted our concentration to be on Him. He did not want us to analyze or try to understand His work. He just wanted us to be wholeheartedly with Him. Still, there were times when we could not help but see Baba's hand in the events that were taking place around us.

GIFT OF GOD, p. 169
1996 Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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