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Delia DeLeon

A major episode at this time [July, 1933 in Portofino, Italy] was a dangerous incident that happened one day when Baba and a crowd of us started out for a walk along the cliffs. Most of us had wandered back to the villa by the time the party came to a dangerous ravine down to the sea. There were only two men and two girls still with Baba as He led them back by another route. Then they came up against a sheer rock face which Baba, being more agile, was able to climb, mounting higher and higher on the cliffs while the others were left struggling. At one point they could go no further and were in danger of falling down a sheer drop into the sea. Baba, now at the top of the cliff, clapped His hands for help and was heard by one of the Italian boys who went to bring a rope. A rescue party arrived and by means of the rope was able to pull the others to safety.

When He returned to the villa, Baba seemed quite happy and He explained that He used the energy, courage, and emotion released in this incident for His spiritual work. He gave us all wine to celebrate the happy outcome of what had really been a dangerous situation, which I think Jean summed up very well in her book, Avatar:

In psychological terminology this adventure suggests an important step taken in consciousness perhaps by the four who participated in it, perhaps by four types or sections of humanity whom these men and women represented. With the help of the spiritual guide they made their descent to the realm of the unconscious — the sea — in safety; but their return journey to balanced integrated consciousness was fraught with hazards and danger spots. The guide, being sure-footed and nimble, as the awakened higher consciousness always is, ascended quickly and easily to the safety of Mother Earth. Having drawn them up into the safety of his own plane the Master Guide shared with them the wine, symbol of the redeemed life.

There is a postscript to this cliff story. Some time ago, some Baba lovers visiting Portofino met a local ferryman who, amazed to see Baba's picture on buttons on their jackets, kept saying, "He is the Baba!" Delighted to discover that he knew of Baba, through a halting conversation they found out that when he was a little boy "the Baba," who did not speak, had come to Portofino. The ferryman was very proud of the fact that during the cliff drama it was he alone who understood that Baba's gestures meant that He wanted a rope. Not only that, but his family owned Lena's Cafe where our group so often had refreshments. He was delighted to take them in his boat to the cafe where his family still lived. There they met his mother who was ill in bed. Her room was full of pictures of Christ and the saints and there was a little altar with Christ's photo inside. She remembered Baba and the group well and her son explained to her that "the Baba" was now loved and followed all over the world.

THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 63-64
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