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Meher Baba

It is the original infinite whim which is responsible for giving Cause to the latent-all that was of the Nothing to manifest as Nothingness.

But before God exercised His original infinite whim to make manifest the latent-all that was of the Nothing, this whim of God was itself latent as the Nothing in the Everything of the infinitude of absolutely independent God in the God-Is state.

How is it then possible for the latent original infinite whim to surge in God and make manifest itself and all that is latent of the Nothing as Nothingness?

Whim after all is a whim; and, by its very nature, it is such that "why — wherefore — when" can find no place in its nature. A whim may come at any moment; it may come now or after a few months or after years, and it may not come at all.

Similarly, the original infinite whim, after all, is a whim, and too, it is the whim of God in the state of infinitude! This whim may not surge in God at all; and, if it surges, either at any moment or after thousands of years or after a million cycles, it need not be surprising.

Thus it is, that the original infinite whim of God in the state of infinitude once surged; and it surged both spontaneously and all of a sudden in absolutely independent God Who is eternally Eternal. Hence this whim, which once surged, once began the Beginning of all things in Creation.

In short, this original infinite latent whim of God in the state of infinitude, once it surged in God Who is absolutely independent, made itself manifest, and simultaneously with its manifestation, it manifested the latent all that was of the Nothing as Nothingness. Thus the whim created the Nothing.

GOD SPEAKS, pp. 83-84
1955 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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