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Bal Natu

You looked exceedingly beautiful that day — Beauty personified. As I gazed in awe at Your resplendent form, I began to anxiously wonder whether it could contain Your radiance. I stared at You, my eyes transfixed by Your form, captured by Your countenance.

I did not expect You to speak; the silence that reigned swallowed all words and absorbed all my thoughts; and yet You broke the stillness and asked me, "Do you love Me, or My form?" The question confused me, so I replied, "That is one of the many, many answers that I don't have."

You smiled, but then with a serious look You continued, "Then know this: love Me, not My form. I am formless."

"Yes," I answered quietly, "but does not Your form symbolize the totality of formlessness?"

"Yes," You agreed, "but only if you are not overly attached to the form. I am even beyond formlessness. I exist in the Beyond, and it is beyond Me to explain this in words."

"Please don't. But just tell me how one could be overly attached to Your form, which is infinitely beautiful and glorious. It is through Your form that I love You. The Beyond state is Your business! It is too much for me to understand. I am content with the gift You have given me — this love for You. Can't this love mirror the infinity of the Beyond?"

You were quiet for awhile. Then You spoke just three words: "Some other day," and, giving me a most innocent look, You left.

I still wonder how You, the Beyond, knowing everything, are able to look so simple and innocent! And I wonder further, is this all a play of words in thought, or a play of thoughts through words? Or is it both, as part of Your play with me?

Perhaps, if You wish, You will resolve this dilemma "some other day!"

1991 © Sheriar Foundation


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