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Dr. Harry Kenmore

A Baba lover is not one who goes about babbling about his love for Baba — succeeding only in making you conscious of his babbling rather than of his love for Baba. This conduct of over-vocalization is usually the enthusiastic behaviour of the fledgling aspirant on discovering in his world of need, the Advent of Meher Baba....

This is the first and only time in the history of our Cosmos the Avatar has appeared and appealed to humanity directly and revealed to us that the secret of all life is not only to love God, but to become actually and personally involved with Him as His lover — a lover of God. In this Advent He has smashed this eternal and perennial fairytale that God is some guy up there out beyond, or down below.

Nor is He a long bearded guy occupying a hunk of sky somewhere. He's no person, place nor thing. God is your real Beloved. To gain everlasting Union with our real Beloved (who indeed is our real self) we must surrender all our possessions.

Initiates labor under the misleading notion that their possessions are their property, stocks and bonds, bank deposits, hi-fi equipment, wife, husband, sweetheart, children etc. Surrendering our real possessions means to abandon our habit patterns of desire-thoughts, want-cravings, the whole of our illusion-perpetuating ego — all of our impression-ridden mind....

Please remember this is an ego-liquidating romance that happens inside an individual. Now God is where He's always been and always will be — invisible, silent, and fast asleep within us. This is the God the Divine Beloved, with whom we must fall in love. Meher Baba, the living Personification of the Divine Beloved, has come to awaken us, to awaken our hearts, to the Presence of His Divine Residence in us. When we constantly think of Him, silently calling out His Name again and again, He will be compelled to stir, to awaken, to rise up in response to our persistent call.

Modern psychology avers that one of the reasons why mankind has gone wild, flying off on a tangent, is that it suffers from the absence of the giving and receiving of love. Now, actually, the only one you can ever love is yourself. You don't love another person — you can express love, you can beam love, you can radiate love, but you don't love anybody in particular. Anyone who comes within the personal orbit of this radiation, however meager or bright it may be, will feel what you are and then the response will be automatic. If an individual truly loves you, it is because you already experience and reflect Love.

Love begets love. But what makes us able to love? First we let God Love us because He is the Source of Love Itself. Love is only an abstraction when we think of it as being a part of God, but when we think of the person of Meher Baba who is literally the Incarnation of Divine Love, ah, then we have personal contact with Love. Then we can feel this Love generated from Him to us and we feel His beneficent Love inside us. This is a real experience — not the sort of love we are able to conjure up with our imagination. It's an actual happening and all of this takes place inside of us.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol 1, No 6, 1970, p. 1
1970 © The Society for Avatar Meher Baba


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