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Mehera J. Irani

Kulu Valley is very beautiful and, because of its high, snow-capped mountains and pine forests, it is often compared to Switzerland. Baba liked it very much. We stayed in a cottage surrounded by huge pine trees on the mountainside above a village called Katrain. In those days Katrain was a very small village, and food had to be brought to us on horseback. There was no road for cars or bicycles, and to reach our cottage we had either to walk up the mountainside or ride on hired mountain ponies.

Baba was so sweet. He knew how I loved to ride, and as these mountain ponies were there for hire, Baba thought this would be a good opportunity for me to go riding. So He told Donkin to hire some ponies for us, and that they were to be at our cottage at 4 p.m. Well before four we were waiting with Baba for the ponies to come.

The horsemen, however, were simple villagers with no sense of time. We waited and waited, and still they did not come. Baba was getting impatient, and He began sending messages to Dr. Donkin, "Why haven't the horses come? Did you give them the proper message? Be sure you scold them when they do come."

The horsemen, with their horses, finally arrived nearly an hour late. Dr. Donkin immediately began to scold them. I do not know exactly what Donkin said, but he did order them to take their horses and go. These horsemen were poor people, and the hire money meant so much to them. No matter what Dr. Donkin said, they refused to leave, and they kept begging him to forgive them. They even placed their turbans on Donkin's feet as if to say, "We bow down to you, so please forgive us."

Now Donkin himself got caught up in the dressing-down he was handing out, and instead of staying calm he started to feel quite angry. Suddenly Baba clapped, "Why are you so angry?" He asked Donkin. "What is the need for it? I told you to scold them, I didn't tell you to get angry!"

This was like dashing cold water in Dr. Donkin's face, and he realized his mistake. Baba had wanted him to act as if he were angry, but not to feel anger.

Of course, Baba took pity on these villagers. He hired their ponies after all. "Mehera, you pick the horse you like, then Mani can choose one for herself, and then Meheru," He told us. Baba was planning to walk while we rode, but how could we enjoy our ride with Baba on foot!

"Baba," I said, "we would like it so much if You would also ride."

So Baba agreed, and He picked the quietest pony for Himself, and off we went for our ride. Baba's horse went at a gentle walk and He was happy that I had a good horse and enjoyed my ride.


MEHERA, pp. 177-178
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