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Charmian Knowles

Being with Baba was also physically rigorous. We would rise from bed early, often after retiring late at night. If you weren't up by seven, you were sleeping late, which was especially difficult for a night person like me. Lunch was at eleven, and dinner, if we had it, was at five.

We never went at less than a run — no walking anyplace. If you were on time and didn't forget anything, things could be easy, but if you slipped up, the complications could be overwhelming. Baba was stretching our limits. But everytime he did, new strengths emerged. With time, life with him seemed not restrictive but wondrously expanded.

This is the blessing of all humanity born during this Avataric Age: the opportunity for expansion and emancipation. Causes bring their effects much more rapidly in this age, and while obstacles seem great, they can be more quickly overcome. A sincere lover of God can accomplish far more by bearing all the manifold troubles of the Kali Yuga and steadily triumphing than he can in a myriad of other incarnations.


SPREAD MY LOVE, pp. 91-92
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