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Bhau Kalchuri

The heart is the seat of the mind. It is the deepest part of the mind, and the heart is where the functions of the mind takes rest.

The Power House is a symbol for the total manifestation. Each one of us has a bulb (a heart), and because of the work of the Avatar, action and reaction are taking place in every individual mind. Thereby, a cleansing process is happening in each heart. If one's heart is very clean, the bulb is powerful and bright, but if it is filthy, the bulb is weak and dim.

Individual effort is also required to cleanse the heart and so the light in the bulb shines powerful and bright. This individual effort is the preparing of the bulb.

The Power House is only a symbol of the total manifestation. The result of the universal work of the Avatar signifies pulling the main switch of the Power House on. Each individual's cable is already connected with the Power House during the physical presence of the Avatar. The bulb is being prepared in each individual and since the hearts of most people are filthy, the cleansing process is going on.

People are becoming prepared.

When the Avatar turns on the main switch, each bulb will have its light according to its capacity, and this will be the time for his Light to shine as his total manifestation.

Avatar Meher Baba is gradually manifesting, and we will undergo a period of preparation until we are ready to experience his total manifestation.


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