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How is it possible for a man to witness in advance, in the drama of his dream, such forms and incidents of futurity, when this drama of the dream is only the outcome of his past and present everyday life impressions?

Is it really possible in the dream of the present, for one to come across and witness a certain object which is totally of the future, and to establish future associations with it in advance, yet all the while remain ignorant of the object until it is eventually contacted and consciously associated with in an awake state one day in the distant future?

Even if such a thing be really possible, and if the future is being inadvertently probed by man in his dream, then from where does futurity spring into man's present?

How could man living in the present through his own impressions of the past ever come to grips with futurity, even in a dream state, and associate in advance with impressions of future incidents and objects? What is it that endows man with the faculty of prescience?

These very associations with future objects and incidents, though experienced inadvertently and unknowingly by man in the present, are automatically developed and are inevitably there by virtue of man's being the creator of the drama in his dream state.

No sooner does man become the creator of the drama of his dream state through the projection of his dormant impressions, than this very projection of his own dormant impressions reflects his past as if it were really his present, and man, finding himself involved in this drama, gets absorbed in his past while still maintaining his past to be his present.

In this manner, although all the time remaining in the present, the man inadvertently and unknowingly continues to preserve his past, maintaining it to be his present. But when man continues to preserve his past, he (being at the same time the creator) also concurrently becomes the preserver of his own creation through his spontaneous associations with the objects in the dramas of his dream state. These very associations, though inadvertently established, maintain the continuity of the drama and endow the creator with the role of the preserver as well.

In every wee-bit act of preservation of all of that which has passed, man in his present, as the preserver of his past, inadvertently and unknowingly, also simultaneously establishes the future in his very present by the very act of preserving his past as his present, which present had remained always as the future of the past.

Take for example a man who finds himself living in the present of today and who looks upon yesterday as all of his past, and tomorrow as all of his future.

Now as soon as this man asserts that he is living in the present of today, he inadvertently and unknowingly has preserved the past of yesterday not only as the present of today but also as the future of tomorrow, just by maintaining himself as alive today in the present.

In every wee-bit act of preserving that past of yesterday while maintaining himself as living in the present of today, that man also inadvertently and unknowingly establishes in his present of today, this today as the future of yesterday.

So it is that although the past and the future have their own stand, yet both of these are consistently and concurrently preserved only in the present. It is only because of the present that both the past and the future find their point of fusion everlastingly in the present.

In the eternity of existence there is no time. There is no past and no future, only the everlasting present. Therefore, in eternity nothing has ever happened and nothing will ever happen. Everything is happening in the unending NOW, if there is anything happening at all; because all that has apparently happened, all that is apparently happening and all that will ever apparently happen in the illusory cosmic universe is all that which God has already dreamt the moment His own original infinite whim surged as "WHO AM I?" So really speaking, nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen.


GOD SPEAKS, First Indian edition 2001, pp. 89-91
1973 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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