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Mani Irani

He tells us that He never breaks a promise — it is only a lack of our own understanding of it that makes us think so. He says, "My Glory is from here to Eternity — let Me see how far you can see My Glory."

He knows His own business and He knows ours — we see nothing beyond our little noses. We focus on the little wish we want Him to fulfill, and miss the stream of blessings that flow from Him. Look at the number of promises that He did NOT make to you and yet granted — at every step while you were abroad, guiding you over every hurdle that loomed up, hearing every prayer that your heart asked but He did not promise!

You say you don't understand — that is just what you should not do. He says, "I can never be understood — just love Me." And if, in gaining an iota of understanding we lose an atom of love, what a great loss is ours!

So count your blessings, and lay your little 'promise' at His feet — He will keep it, exactly on which day or month or year is for Him to decide who knows best and who has seen to your best first to last. Let Him worry about His part of it, let us only worry about our own parts as Baba-lovers and see that we never fail.

When we must ask for something from Him, then let that only be LOVE — nothing else is worth our receiving from Him who holds us so close to Him.

LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, p. 27, ed. Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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