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Minoo Kharas

To the assembled group he said:

"The Sun is seen near us. It is with us. It gives us heat and light. We can't do without it. Yet it is millions of miles away. So is a Realized man, a Sadguru. He is with the world and yet away from it.

"Secondly, every man is like a small ditch of water. If a child makes water in it, it stinks. Similarly, even if a bad thought enters the human mind, the whole being stinks. But, though in an ocean the whole world's dust and dirt and filth is thrown day after day, yet it is pure as ever, so is a Sadguru, or Realized man. Even if millions of sins are done by him, he is pure as ever.

"Thirdly, if a drop of wine falls on a real Mohammedan, he will have that much of flesh cut off from his body, but if he is told by a Sadguru to actually soak a piece of cloth in wine and then spread it out and offer prayer on said cloth, it is not a sin."

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