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Domain of pure love

Pure love is not a thing that can be forced upon someone, nor can it be snatched away from another by force. It has to manifest from within, with unfettered spontaneity. What can be achieved through bold decision is the removal of those factors that prevent the manifestation of pure love.

The achievement of selflessness may be said to be both difficult and easy. It is difficult for those who have not decided to step out of the limited self, and it is easy for those who have so decided. In the absence of firm determination, attachments connected with the limited self are too strong to break through. But if a person resolves to set aside selfishness at any cost, he finds an easy entry into the domain of pure love.

Need for bold decision

The limited self is like an external coat worn by the soul. Just as an individual may take off his coat by the exercise of will, through a bold, decisive step he can make up his mind to shed the limited self and get rid of it once and for all. The task that otherwise would be difficult becomes easy through the exercise of a bold and unyielding decision. Such a decision can be born in his mind only when he feels an intense longing for pure love. Just as someone who is hungry longs for food, an aspirant who wants to experience pure love must have an intense longing for it.

True love awakened only by Master

When the aspirant has developed this intense longing for pure love, he may be said to have been prepared for the intervention of a Perfect Master — who through proper direction and necessary help ushers him into the state of divine love. Only the Master can awaken pure love through the divine love that he imparts; there is no other way. Those who want to be consumed in love should go to the eternal flame of love.

Love is the most significant thing in life. It cannot be awakened except by coming into contact with the Incarnation of love. Theoretical brooding on love will result in weaving a theory about love, but the heart will remain as empty as before. Love begets love; it cannot be awakened by any mechanical means.


DISCOURSES, 7th ed, pp. 397-398
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