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What is meant by The Real Gift?

If a gift is real, then both the one who gives and the one who receives must forget about it completely.

To forget completely would mean that the giver should not feel that he has given, and the receiver should not know that he has received. If the giver does not forget, then he feels that he has obliged the receiver, and if the receiver does not forget, then he knows that he has been obliged by the giver.

Love alone comes as the Real Gift from God, because when God bestows the gift of Love and man receives it, both completely forget about it. Because of complete forgetfulness, man can ever strive to love God, and God has always remained as the Eternal Beloved for mankind.

But how can God forget when He is Omniscient?

When I say that God forgets completely I mean just that, because His Gift of Love is the Real Gift, and unless He forgets about it completely, the Gift of Love can never be the Real Gift. Man too is ever ignorant of the all pervading Love of God, and he never realizes the Gift of Love although he does realize Godhood ultimately.

When the Omniscient bestows the Real Gift of Love, He has to manifest His complete forgetfulness by becoming absolutely callous of His lover. Hence, untold sufferings on the path of love are experienced by the lovers of God, as also the unimaginable pangs of separation by those who have been gifted with Divine Love for their Beloved God.

God becomes callous to His loves because He is Omniscient and He knows the real meaning of the Real Gift. Therefore the lover who receives the Gift of Divine Love from God begins to love God so intensely that he completely forgets that he loves God and that this Love was a Gift from God.

The lover experiences the bliss of Divine Love in the midst of the fiery pangs of separation from his Beloved God, because he is completely oblivious of the Gift from God. As long as the lover does not forget the Gift of Love he is not happy, in spite of the Eternal Love of God on all alike.

LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, pp. 43-44, ed. Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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