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Although those in the Subtle Sphere derive their powers from the Mental Sphere, the misuse of these powers cannot be stopped by those in the Mental Sphere, because they originally radiated from the "Sun" the Vidnyan Bhumika.

Therefore the Perfect Masters who as the Sun are themselves the very Source of Infinite Power, are always there to snatch away, when necessary, the misused powers of those in the Subtle Sphere.

Like a murderer who, hanged unto death, is deprived not only of the power to do further mischief but also loses his life, so the Fourth Planer from whom a Perfect Master snatches away the powers, not only loses all powers but is automatically thrown back to the stage where the process of evolution of gross forms starts beyond that of the form of a stone!

That is why Kabir says, "Chadhe to chakhe prem rus Aur giray to Chakna choor." i.e., "He who climbs high enough, tastes the Nectar of Divine Love; but if he slips and falls, his utter ruin will ensue."

In contrast to those in the Subtle Sphere, those belonging to the Mental Sphere, whether on the Fifth or the Sixth Plane of superconsciousness, always use of their powers only for the good of others.

They receive the direct radiation of the Divine Power, and those amongst them who are on the Sixth Plane — the Plane of "spiritual sight" actually see God face to face. The paramount characteristic of these great souls of the Mental Sphere is that they are the real helpers behind the God-intoxicated masts who are so lost in God as to have next to no consciousness left of their gross existence.

The bodies of these God-intoxicated lovers are sustained by the power of those in the Mental Sphere, the Walis and saints who are always face to face with God. These masts who possess next to no physical consciousness and yet possess well-functioning bodies with which they eat, drink, walk and sleep, are the true spiritual heroes who are dying and living at one and the same time.

Although they care not a whit whether their bodies remain or fall, it is an established fact that their divine "masti" (God-intoxication) neutralizes the rigours of hunger, sleeplessness, heat, cold, disease and other onslaughts on the really care-free life led by these lovers of God. It is because the Infinite Power of the Vidnyan Bhumika, which vibrates throughout the universe, helps them.


PATH OF LOVE, pp. 81-82, ed Filis Frederick
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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