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Filis Frederick

Meher Baba has said in the Discourses that in this particular New Age Eastern souls would be born into Western bodies, and Western souls into Eastern bodies. He has also mentioned that in the East the men are more spiritual and in the West the women are more spiritual. I'm just capsulating these statements that Meher Baba made in various places.

Historically we are at the junction of a New Age, a new Avataric Cycle, and Meher Baba said it's a cycle of cycles — it's not only one of those 700 year to 1400 year jobs. It's an overcycle. So, it's a very critical juncture in man's evolution. He has explained that, as at the time of Christ Jesus switched mankind so to speak, in general from instinct to reason, but now we have to go from reason to intuition. And there's where the role of women becomes most prominent, because in a feminine incarnation your intuition functions better than it does in a male incarnation.

So, no matter how we all came into our own particular karma at this time, male or female, we still have to face this issue; that is, working to bring ourselves from reason to intuition. It's a very difficult transformation, as it will obviously take another whole series of cycles to work out.

The intuition is not an emotion or psychic thing; it's not imagination; in some sense it's developing a higher contact with Reality than that which reason gives us. You can see from our history over the last two thousand years, that reason has become very dominant and has created this fantastic civilization; all the scientific advances we're enjoying are the result of applying logic and reason to the study of nature, and so forth, creating a tremendous technical advance.

But now, what is the new advance? We have to go from reason to intuition, and in that role the role of women is very critical.


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 60
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