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Bhau Kalchuri

Baba continued giving me certain points for The Nothing and the Everything when I would be with him at night, and he would ask me to remind him about them. I would write the points down and remind him the next day. But when he would ask me to remind him about certain points on a certain date — after a week, say, or after two months or four months, it became very difficult.

Although I would make a note of the points and the date, I would forget to remind Baba and he himself would deal with the points on the particular day. He would never forget, and I would feel amazed and ashamed. I had written down the points, but I would forget to remind him! I would try to check for points each morning, but as Baba would come at any time, I was not always able to go over my notes.

One day when I was in the washroom, Baba came suddenly and called for me. I hurriedly washed and ran to him. He asked, "Are there any points for today?"

I said, "No, Baba."

He asked me to check and I went to my room. I didn't see any notation about points on that particular day, so I returned and told Baba that there was nothing for his attention.

Nevertheless, after some time Baba started dealing with certain points he had given me four months back which he had asked me to remind him about on that particular day. As soon as he started discussing them I remembered that I had made notes!

Baba then gestured, "I had given you these points and you forgot to remind me. If I forget like you, what will happen to the universe?"

Later, to my surprise I found my notes in my pocket.


1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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