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Judith Garbett

How quickly the final week of one's stay at Baba's Home seems to pass! Almost before I knew it, I was sitting in Mandali Hall on the last Saturday morning, absorbed in all that dear Mani was telling us. She began by saying that we have to be very wary about instituting rules, as 'the law-makers can't be law-breakers.' When Baba would make a rule, He Himself would observe it thoroughly.

For example, Meherjee Karkaria gave a Persian carpet for the opening of Meherazad in 1948. 'To keep the carpet clean,' Mani said, 'none of us would walk on it with our sandals on, and Baba would also remove His sandals before stepping on the carpet — even years later when He was walking with support. Mehera would gently remonstrate with Him, saying that it wasn't necessary for Him to remove His sandals, but Baba continued to do so every time.'


LIVES OF LOVE, Mani, Part 3, p. 9
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