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Almost the whole of humanity is concerned with Bhakti Yoga, which in simple words means the art of worship. But it must be understood in all its true aspects and not merely in a narrow and shallow sense in which the word is commonly used and interpreted. The profound worship based on the high ideals of philosophy and spirituality, and prompted by Divine Love, doubtless constitutes true Bhakti Yoga. Nevertheless it may be said that the ritualistic worship which the masses of humanity confuse with religion is Bhakti Yoga in its incipiency or initial stage.

The average man should follow his creed, whatever it be, in all sincerity, regardless of rewards to come and with only the aim and object of: "I want nothing but you (God)." But when I speak about following one's creed I mean that everyone should be free to base his worship on the religious ideals and methods that appeal to him most; and not that one would stop dead at believing or disbelieving in certain statements in a particular scripture about subjects that are generally beyond the sphere of the intellect. It is the act of worship from the heart, and not thoughts and beliefs, that counts in the religious province.

TREASURES, pp. 63-64, ed. Jane Haynes
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