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Bal Natu

Sabir's life presents an incredible illustration of the powers of the planes. While Sabir was staying in Kalyar, he once had a whim to visit a local mosque for the morning payers. As it was considerably earlier than the time for prayers he found the mosque totally vacant. He took his seat behind that of the Pesh-Iman (one who leads the prayers) in the first row. After a while, people began coming into the mosque.

Each person, upon finding Sabir, a man of dirty appearance and tattered clothes, sitting up front, asked him to move back one row, until by the time the prayers were to start, Sabir had been thrown out of the mosque and had to sit on the step of the outer door. He was greatly annoyed at this, especially since inside a mosque all are supposed to be treated equally, irrespective of their social status.

At the appointed time the nimaz began. When the congregation had bowed down in supplication to Allah, Sabir cried aloud, "O Mosque, how can you bear such an insolence on this part of the people and stand erect? Why don't you come down?" And it is said that the huge structure immediately toppled down and that the congregation was buried alive. It was also noticed that the flourishing city of Kalyar, from that day on, began to decline and eventually fell into ruins. Perhaps this is an example of God's wrath made manifest through the utterance of one of His children, a powerful jalali mast.


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, pp. 62-63
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