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Margaret Craske

While Baba and His group of disciples were staying for a few days at the dak bungalow in a small village, He unexpectedly gave us an afternoon with Him. At Mehera's wish an unusual treat of mango ice cream was made and Baba served it to us. It was no one's birthday, and as with many of the happiest times with Baba, it seemed to happen completely out of the blue.

Norina was not present. Baba had sent her and Donkin to do certain work for Him in a large town some little distance away. Meanwhile, we were having a happy time with Baba.

Then suddenly He looked at me and told me to pray out loud for the safety of Norina and Donkin.

Rather taken aback, I lost my head and started: "Dear unknown God."

Baba clapped His hands to stop me and spelt out, "What do you mean, unknown God?"

I meekly said I had thought He meant I should pray to "God the Beyond."

He then indicated that I should start again. This time I said, "Dear God," and looked at Baba, then continued "You have told us to ask for nothing, but with your special permission, I ask you for the safe journey and return of our dear friends, Norina and Donkin. Amen."

Baba looked happy and served me another small portion of ice cream.

Norina and Donkin returned quite safely.


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