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Mani S. Irani

November 14, 1955

On the 7th, Baba washed the feet of 250 persons and took their darshan (touching His forehead to their feet) and giving Rs. 4 to each. Baba will do this every week of the sahavas. In fact, today is the day and, while I sit here typing, Baba is in Meherabad washing the dust-stained feet of impoverished humanity. During this service from our Highest of the High, all those present are asked to keep repeating God's name continuously.

The dhuni (the sacred fire beside which stands the little table-cabin where Baba was in seclusion and fasting for many months writing the incomparable book that no one has yet seen) is lit on the 12th of every month, and the second group was lucky to have it on their first day. Don Stevens was present also, and Baba gave a lengthy and beautiful discourse on its symbolic meaning and various other points, without using the alphabet board, of course.

The days are lively and bright and the sun shines on, happy to see the Lord feasting with those of His own in the Kingdom of Love. We women actually know little of the sahavas, except the little glimpses Baba gives us when He returns, happy but tired at the end of a long, busy day.

He tells us of their true devotion, of the different activities of the day, of His spiritual discourses that their love inspires, perhaps of some humorous incident, and of the touching scene at their moment of parting at the end of the week. If it were all put down, it would make a book which, in fact, is just what one of Baba's men is going to do, I believe.

Baba appoints five of each group to carry out (after their return home from the sahavas) one week's stiff program of complete fasting (except drinking water), continuous repetition of God's name, not sleeping, and not stepping out of the room.

On the 6th, the bit of film for the TV review of God Speaks which Don will see to soon after his return was taken; it was necessary that Baba point on the board, and Baba solved the problem of not using the alphabet board any more with His usual beautiful simplicity of solving all problems. He pointed on the board to say:"I have given up the use of the alphabet board for the past twelve months and I will not use the board again." Isn't that wonderful?


A LOVE SO AMAZING, pp. 99-100, Bili Eaton
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