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Dr. Harry Kenmore

Only His Love will save us, save humanity, from all of its ills. And this resplendent Love makes its abode in us when we let it flow into our hearts. Selfishness and self-interest and its attendant ills and shortcomings will be dispelled, displaced and discarded. There will be a lessened tendency to anger, hatred, jealousy and resentment in our reaction to irritation and strain. Certainly, these impressions will not only be mitigated, but they will become nil under the action of Love's influence for as we become Love's ally our whole existence is transformed by this Love.

This overpowering feeling cannot be shared with anything that's less than itself or antagonistic to it. It dominates everything in us, and everything around us. It is this Love that gives us that calm, that poise, and the feeling of absolutely belonging not only to God, but to our Self. As Meher Baba has often said, the search for God is silent, sublime. It isn't even a search — there's really nothing to find — because He is already there within us, but we must open the heart to receive Him and then He becomes known....

Let's always bear in mind that Meher Baba has issued His Call to maturity. Only a mature heart can accept His Love. Someone once wrote that when a man says he loves you because he needs you, he's immature, but when he says I need you because I love you, that's the beginning of maturity. Let's recognize that we need His Love; it isn't something we want, we must have it because this Love is something that is a part of the very matrix and fiber of our makeup. Without it there isn't any reason for existence — there's really no existence at all without the fulfillment of this need — this need for Meher Baba's Love.

In time there must come a deep yearning, a longing and we'll let it long, and we'll let it torture us. The Beloved is not a candy pop or a popsicle that we suck — something that's going to give us sweetness and little droplets of "happiness." Should we feel this way, then we aren't loving the real Beloved.

The Beloved — and this is the secret — is going to be very cruel, testing us every step of the Way. Difficulties and hardships will be the rule rather than the exception, but if we have our hearts set on the realization of our real Need for His liberating Wine of Love, and if we crave continuously for this Wine from the Beloved who's Almighty God Himself, Meher Baba, then we won't let up being conscious of, and desiring fulfillment of this Need until our Cup is full and we've drunk it down, every drop.

And in this test, when going on seems almost unbearable and almost impossible, God will give us a sip of His Wine. He'll give us His Love that gives us the courage, strength and stamina to go on, but our going on is gotten from where? From inside. We get it as the result of our own steadfastness, our own unremitting effort. This tenacity is what pays off. This is what becomes cumulative and never lets us down.

God never lets down a real lover. He becomes absolutely responsible for His real lovers.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol 1, No. 6, p. 2
1970 © The Society for Avatar Meher Baba


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