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Eruch Jessawala

When in His compassion God takes on a man-form in an advent as the God-Man or Avatar, it is Infinite Consciousness that manifests. Being Infinite Consciousness, it always remains and functions as Infinite Consciousness. Therefore, when the Avatar sheds His man-form, He continues to be infinitely conscious of His creation and its creatures, and is mindful of His lovers who continue to adore Him in their hearts.

The proof of His being mindful is that time and again He continues to manifest as the Avatar, not only for mankind, but also for those rare individuals who love Him wholeheartedly and pine for a sight of Him in the form they adore.

The Avatar's descent into illusion takes place because God who is considered to be infinitely unreachable, makes Himself infinitely approachable by coming close to humanity. In thus personifying His Love and His Compassion, He becomes a gauge for man to judge his own love for his fellow beings as well as his other limitations.

When the Avatar drops His physical body, there is no lessening at all of His exercise of Infinite Love, Mercy, Compassion, Authority and Power. Hence anyone seeking help at the Tomb of the Avatar is not only assured of external benefits, but also derives spiritual benefits because of his direct approach to God for assistance.


1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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